Who we are

Alotcars Limited, 8 Watford Way, London, United Kingdom, NW4 3AD with Company number 11212664, is a broker offering international car rental services around the world.

1. Data Protection

Note that the site is fully functional and operates on servers owned by Alotcars, and that means Alotcars can have access to any data you choose to provide on the site. By utilizing our services, you are giving us the right to make use of any of your data you choose to share with us in the course of employing our services. As a note of caution, if you don't want us “Alotcars.com” to make use or access the data you have provided via our website, please don't make use of Alotcars.com services.

Personal Data Protection

If you want to see your information held by us at any time, or you want to make certain adjustments to your information or even delete your information with us, kindly contact us at reservations@alotcars.com or put a call through to us on +44 207096 1108.

2. Reservations

Making reservations with Alotcars is easy, and straightforward, for regular bookings. On the other hand, a tiny bit of technicality comes into play when making special reservations such as; on-request bookings, last-minute bookings, one-way rentals, and special vehicles. In such scenarios, Alotcars has to make a confirmation request from the car rental company. Upon confirmation of the application along with payment, Alotcars will send a car rental voucher via the requested means to the customer. The customer will show this voucher to the car rental company at the pickup time. It is important to know that all rental arrangement is agreed between the car rental company and the customer on a local basis in accordance with the rental company's Terms & Conditions and also local law. Alotcars have the right (if it deems it fit and necessary) to change bookings to a different car rental company. The customer will be informed before it happens, and such changes are often dependent on availability.

3. Payment

Partial, full or no payment is made to Alotcars during the reservation process, depending on the car rental company’s terms. Payment can be made via credit card or PayPal. It is only upon completion of the payment that Alotcars sends the confirmed car rental voucher via the car rental company to the customer. During the pickup time, it is expected that a valid credit card bearing the name on the car hire booking is shown to the car rental company as a guarantee. The prices are tailored to 24-hour duration, which starts when the customer picks up the car. It should be noted that there are specific variations in pricing as a result of additional charges incurred such as in situations where there are late returns or early returns. In such scenarios, the rental company might apply extra costs in accordance with local rates.

4. Deposit

At the pickup time, the car rental company will generally book a pre-authorization for the security deposit amount of your rental car on your credit card. For business and regulation purposes, prepaid credit cards may not be accepted. Usually, the deposit amount contains extra charges as a fall back should there be damages to the car or theft. It also includes full tank expenses, insurance and so on.

5. Car Category

It should be noted that reservations and confirmation are only reserved for car categories alone, and not for any particular model, make or brand. Generally, it is common to find car rental companies having a fleet of vehicles similar in size and specifications. At all times, the rental companies have rights to give a similar or slightly higher model of car to the customer than what was originally booked.

6. Pick up and Return of Cars

The customer determines the place, date and time of vehicle pick up and return during reservation. If the pick up location is at an airport, Alotcars also requires the flight number. The customer will provide all of this information during reservation. If you anticipate any delay for the pickup of the vehicle, please contact us so we can confirm the car after rescheduling. As part of business policies, most car rental companies will keep the car available for a maximum of 60 minutes after the stipulated reserved time has elapsed, so long it falls within the regular working hours. Any pick up done outside of the opening hours will attract an extra fee.

7. Deliveries and Collection

This service is only available to hotels, railway stations, ports or bus stations, and if selected during the booking process, it comes with an extra free which is included in the total rate you see. Typically, for delivery and collection requests to be met, the customer must specify the hotel name, along with address and phone number.

8. Insurance

There are always variations in fees, coverages, and inclusions, in regards to car rental company, destination and car category. The Rental Agreement, which is usually available in the local language, contains all the necessary details. For an insurance claim to be made in accordance with the rental agreement, damages have been reported to and documented by the local police. In most cases Alotcars rates include insurance, which includes legally required Third Party Liability, Collision Damage Waiver and Theft Protection with the presence or absence of excess depending on the car rental company. Note that Collison Damage Waiver doesn't offer coverage to damages to glass, engine, tires, exterior mirrors, underside, locks, engine, and loss of car keys.

9. Refundable Excess Products

Alotcars may offer a Refundable Excess product at an extra fee for car rental bookings and with most of our car rental partners. All details pertaining to Refundable Excess Products and its Terms & Conditions are mentioned during reservation and are also contained in the voucher. Do not confuse the Refundable Excess as a kind of insurance, but rather, it is a unique service offered by Alotcars. We reserve right to the validity and extent of the claim. If the rental booking includes the Refundable Excess product from Alotcars, then it is required that the customer provides the following documents should there be a case of damages or theft to the car; proof of payment, rental agreement, police report, damage report and report from car rental company. A refund will only be initiated when all required documents are submitted, and negligence is exempted. The Refundable Excess product provided by Alotcars is not tied to Super Collision Damage Waiver provided by car rental companies.
Excluded from the Refundable Excess product are damages suffered at certain parts of the vehicle such as damages to the interior gearbox, tires, glass, roof, underside, clutch, oil sump, engine, accidents caused by animals, damages inflicted by use of wrong fuel. The voucher contains more details of specific exclusions. Refundable excess also excludes loss/damages to personal property, towing charges, roadside assistance, theft of vehicle as a result of misplacement of vehicle keys, processing fees as a result of damage suffered, irreparable damages to the vehicle, and administrative expenses. Also, there are no refunds for accidents caused by violation of local traffic rules, violation of local car rental company terms and conditions, rejection of claims settlement by an insurance company, and/or driver given a penalty fine. All rental agreements are done according to the local law in the pickup country.

10. Additional Coverage

Additional Coverage may be included during the pickup of the rental car. The additional coverage includes; Personal Effects Coverage, Personal Accident Insurance, Road Assistant, Super Collision Damage Waiver and so on. Alotcars doesn't in any way offer a refund for any purchased insurance fees and charges made locally, between the customer and the rental company.

11. Driver's License

A valid driver's license must be presented upon pickup by the renter or/and authorized driver. It is stipulated that for the license to be valid, it must have been held by the renter and additional drivers for the minimum time required according to the terms of the car rental company. If the driver’s licence is not in an acceptable language, according to the terms of the car rental company, then an International Driving Permit has to be presented. The International Driving Permit is valid when it is presented along with a National Driving license. Car rental companies have a minimum age requirement for both the renter and additional driver and in rare cases, they may also have a maximum age restriction. Driver’s License detailed information is always mentioned in the Rental Conditions of the car rental company during the booking process.

12. Additional Drivers

Additional Drivers often attract an extra fee, and some rental companies often include the fee during reservation. On the other hand, other companies will charge a daily fee if there is an additional driver during pick up. The same procedures and requirements for the main driver still hold for an additional driver. That means, any other driver will still have to present a Driving License (and International Driving Permit if required) and means of identification.

13. One-way rentals

One-way rentals are offered through Alotcars booking engine. A One-way fee may be applicable but it is always included in the quoted rate presented. Other than that, one-way requests are handled as normal reservations by car rental companies.

14. Crossing the borders - traveling to other countries

It is mandatory that customers specify if they are traveling to other countries during reservation. Ultimately, it is the local car rental company that will authorize any travel outside of a country. Cross-border travel may incur an extra fee. Such fees are generally highlighted in the Terms & Conditions of the car rental company and/or in the Optional Extras page right after you select the car.

15. Optional Equipment

Extra equipment like roof racks, snow chains, WiFi router, booster/child seats, and so on have to be requested during reservation, and the car rental company gives the final authorization subject to availability. Optional Equipment attract extra fees, payable locally, highlighted in the Optional Extras page right after you select the car.

16. Local Tax Notice

We make every effort to ensure that all the prices we display are inclusive of tax. However, please note that local taxes and fees, like airport surcharges, may be additionally applied by the car rental company on locally paid extra charges, like age-related fees and optional equipment. Local taxes and fees are controlled by the car rental companies and local authorities, and may be subject to change.

17. Customer service

Alotcars is customer-oriented, and we will help customers solve any problems or issues that may arise with the car rental company. Alotcars serves as an intermediary, between customer and car rental company, and as such, we are not liable for any provision of services such as insurance that the car rental company is supposed to provide according to the rental agreement, and/or refunding charges from the car rental company. Should there be any incident, customers have a 60 days window from which they can send any writing claim.

18. Booking Modification

Modifications to a booking can be made up to 48 hours before pick up time at no cost. Modifications taking place in less than 48 hours before pick up time incur a Modification fee of 50 GBP. All modifications should be made via Alotcars and are usually subject to availability and any extra charges which may incur by the price difference between original and modified reservation. Amendments cannot be made after pickup time has been exceeded. In case that the car is returned early or picked up late, Alotcars will not refund any amount for the unused voucher days; it is entirely up to the local car rental company whether they decide to do so or not. Alotcars should be contacted, if there are any changes to bookings such as changes in flight details, car category, as well as changes in arrival time, and so on. Do not contact the car rental company if there are any changes in bookings.

19. Cancellations/No-show

Cancellation of a booking can be made up to 48 hours before pick up time at no cost. Cancellations taking place in less than 48 hours before pick up time incur a non-refundable maximum amount of 50 GBP. All cancellations should be made via Alotcars. There is no refund policy for any paid but unused voucher as a result of wrong documentation, early return of the rental car, late pickup and no pick-up.

20. Limits of liability

Alotcars acts as a direct agent between customers and car rental companies, and as such we are liable for the right placement of bookings with the rental company, and that is facilitating the car rental on the stipulated conditions. Alotcars help customers solve any problems or issues that may arise with the car rental company of which the customer does not fault in. But customers will have to bear the cost of any issue of which they are at fault such as, provision of invalid documents, not meeting with rental requirements like minimum and maximum age requirements, and inability to drive due to drugs, and alcohol consumption. Alotcars is only liable for damages incurred by its employees due to negligence. Should such neglect occur, the compensation and liability incurred by Alotcars will be limited by the what is stated on the contract. Alotcars has no liability for any claims based any contractual misunderstanding between customers, and local car rental company. Should such scenarios arise, customers have to contact the rental company instead of Alotcars as their contractual partner. Alotcars is not in any way liable for the rented car. The customer’s claims in such scenarios are entirely limited to the supplier.

21. Privacy Policy

It is part of Alotcars responsibility to protect your data. We've highlighted the way we process your data and the use, as stipulated by data protection laws.
Responsible authority for data processing
Alotcars, 8 Watford Way, London NW4 3AD, United Kingdom

For comments, and questions in relation to our data protection privacy, or with regard to your rights, kindly contact us at reservations@alotcars.com.

Purpose of Data Processing
Your data is collected and processed for the reasons below:

•  For contract processing and booking of rental cars
•  For improved functionality, performance, and speed of the website
•  Easy interaction with the customer via newsletters on a regular basis

Saved Data
If you wish, you can pay a visit to our website without the need of submitting any data. For improved functionality, performance, and speed of the site, we make use of the data generated by your Internet browsers such as IP address, date and time, operating system, and browser settings.
During the processing of rental car booking, the following details, will be needed; driver’s name and age, phone number, email, bank information, ID information, driving license and date of birth.

Categories of Recipients
All car rental bookings are handled by Alotcars, 8 Watford Way, London NW4 3AD, United Kingdom. You will provide your data as stated above, from which payment will be processed, and your car rental booking as well.
In cases where the recipients of your data are outside the jurisdiction of data protection laws, Alotcars will ensure that your data is protected in other practical ways.

Data Security
Our website is encrypted and secured with SSL/TLS, which means all of your data, payment transactions, and booking processing is fully encrypted. To know if a site is secure, always look at the address bar, and if it begins with "https://" like our website, then you know it is secured. You can also tell by the small lock icon on the address bar, depending on the browser you are using.

Enforcement of Rights
Customers have the right to request for information pertaining to their data, ask for a correction, restriction, and deletion of such data at any time.

The right of Appeal at Supervisory Authorities
Customers have the right to tender a complaint with relevant supervisory authorities should any need arises.

Utilization of Cookies
We utilize cookies on our Website so that our servers can continually recognize your device whenever you pay a visit to our website. This helps to enhance the functionality, speed, and delivery of service to you. The way cookies work is that they help to store individual bits of information in your browser for easy access and retrieval on your subsequent visit to our website.
Through cookies, we also have access to certain information about you. If you wish, you can pay a visit our website without enabling cookies, all you need do is deactivate the use of cookies from your browser settings. It is important to note that, some of our websites features only work when cookies are enabled.

We send newsletters to our customers as a way of keeping them informed about Alotcars activities, special offers, etc. Upon registration, a confirmation email is sent to your email address to validate if you are the actual owner of that email address. It is after the confirmation that we add you to our newsletter mailing list. This process is called a double opt-in procedure. This means that the newsletter will be sent to you at your consent. At any chosen time, you have the right to unsubscribe to the newsletter and as such revoke your consent.

Google Analytics
We utilize Google analytics on our website. The combination of cookies and Google analytics means the way you make use of our site can be analyzed by Google.
All information pertaining to the use of our website is sent and stored on a Google server. All of this is done in complete IP anonymity. Google utilizes the information generated for evaluation, reports, and research purposes.
If you wish, you can pay a visit our website without enabling cookies, all you need do is visit your browser settings and deactivate the use of cookies. It is important to note that, some of our websites features only work when cookies are enabled.

Other communications
At the end of your rental experience, we send a questionnaire over and ask for feedback in the form of a review of your entire experience.

Change in data security
Alotcars has the right to alter the privacy policy with respect to changes made in the website or legal situation. The policy used at your time of visit is valid for all transactions and processes.

22. Miscellaneous

Any lapses in one regulation of the rental contract doesn't lead to the invalidity of the entire contract. It should be noted that standard applicable legal rules apply.

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